kelly uncapped

kelly uncapped


Celebrated nutritionist, best-selling author, entrepreneur, Hume co-owner and co-developer of our Dry Body Oil Mist, Kelly Leveque has an insane list of accomplishments (we are talking CVS receipt length here). We got to spend a perfect family beach day with her and saw another side to Kelly that we also fell in love with. A coconut ice cream sandwich addict, true California beach girl, and easy-going but fully present mama — she’s honestly one of those people you just want to go camping with (and not only because she whips up some mean spicy salmon tacos over the campfire). 

After the beach we headed up to the campsite, grilled some food, watched the sunset, ate s'mores, and asked Kelly some questions around the fire (in between kids interrupting for kisses and cuddles on her lap 🥺). So here’s the latest of what she's been up to, her guilty pleasure, role models, and a BTS look at her life. This is Kelly Uncapped.


What has Kelly been up to these days?
Honestly, we turned a real corner with the sleep with our 1 ½ year old, so I am actually doing pretty good. It was touch and go there for a good 18 months, but now he sleeps till 5 am and that feels luxurious.

Who was your role model growing up and is it still the same now?
I am pretty lucky that both my mom and dad were role models for me. My dad is a serial entrepreneur and my mom was such a present mom. She made every day special — it felt like you were going to Disneyland everyday; whether it was a note in my lunch box or just special adventures. I know how blessed I am. I hit the jackpot when it came to parents.

What got you into nutrition and what got you into writing? 
I fell in love with nutrition in highschool and then in college. Nature of Human Health and Disease was my favorite class. I ended up writing my thesis on Type 2 Diabetes, so it was all about blood sugar. When I started working with clients 1 on 1, I noticed I was saying a lot of the same things. From there I ultimately wrote my first book, Body Love, so people could have access to this nutrition information and learn about blood sugar balance in an easy to understand way. It’s been a wild ride but so worth it because I know it’s helped a lot of people. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
Ohhh guilty pleasure… coconut milk ice cream sandwiches that remind me of Chipwichs from when I was a kid. Gluten free cookie + coconut milk ice cream + gluten free cookie. It’s at The Hive in Dana Point. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I am pretty good at updos, so in another life I may have been a hair stylist. 

In all seriousness, I think people think I am really black & white when it comes to food, and I am not. I’m really about the gray. Looking for ways to elevate peoples’ diet & nutrition, I am pretty easy going ( my 3 ½ year old walks by with a smore). I try to stay positive when it comes to food because it’s the long game. For me, if he eats broccoli along with the smores, that’s what it’s about. 

What does a day off look like for you?
Today was a great example of it. Throwing the boards in the car, putting the babies in, cooler, and heading to the beach. Being there all day long. Enjoying the horizon, the sunset, and the calm. There is nothing like a California coast for me.

What type of cuisine or favorite meal?
We made tacos tonight, and I have to say — Mexican is my all time fav. I love guacamole and super spicy salsa. Spicy salmon tacos, ground beef tacos, and burritos bowls.

Best piece of advice?
There is so many people who have mentored me in my entrepreneurial journey, but I have a friend with three boys, and she has had a very big career and always told me: (1) never sacrifice time with family, (2) always know it’s the long game, and (3) if every day you’re working towards your goals, you don’t have to have major leaps. It’s staying consistent and then remembering you can never have that time back, so always spend it with family. My parents did a good job of modeling that, and I feel really lucky to have so much time with my kids and family. Because love and relationships are why we are here. 

What does supernatural mean to you?
It’s all about fun, friends and being in nature. Nature bathing. Being mesmerized by this beautiful planet we live on. All the different topography. All the different places and sharing that with a bunch of different friends from everywhere.