Our co-owner ambassador crew is an eclectic group of insanely talented humans that inspire us and live supernatural. From charging Pipe, skating ditches, doing yoga at sunset, or shooting 35mm, it’s all about getting out and living life to the fullest. It’s not so much what they do but how they do it.

kelly leveque

nutritionist, wellness coach, best selling author, super mom

lily meola

singer, songwriter, smile spreader

griffin colapinto

professional surfer, mental health advocate

nora vasconcellos

professional skateboarder, activist, artist

selema masekela

professional sports commentator, positive vibe warrior

zeb powell

professional snowboarding icon

jason ellis

podcast host, comedian, professional skateboarder

ken roczen

world motocross champion


international DJ, unstoppable force of nature

kelia moniz

women's longboard world champion, designer, super mom

taylor steele

award winning director and producer

crosby colapinto

professional surfer, mental health advocate

joe termini

world renowned artist and photographer

julian martin

professional photographer and creative powerhouse

stef corgel

trainer, athlete, creator, powerhouse

travis kuhlman

professional videographer and editor, part-time hume model

vivian kim

prolific director and photographer

rose machado

model, designer and environmental activist