this is vivian uncapped

this is vivian uncapped


How’s Vivian doing these days? 
I’m doing amazing! I’ve been feeling very energized and busy, but also fulfilled. I have really been prioritizing finding and maintaining balance in my life. I’ve always been quick to say yes, but I’m challenging myself to only commit to what truly feels right versus what I’m initially excited by — which apparently is too many things for one person. I have been building my schedule around things that are important to me, like time in nature, working out, hanging out with friends, etc.

Where is your favorite place to be? 
I love being on Kaua’i. I feel the most stripped of distractions when I’m there, and I’m able to be fully present with my friends, family, and self. I love being surrounded by the mountains and trees, and being in the water. It’s the one place I can truly rest and let myself do nothing. And of course all of my favorite people are on Kaua’i.

What is something that you can’t live without? 
I can’t live without art and chocolate. I love making images, movies, capturing memories with friends — and I just can’t seem to stop. I think one reason I am such a workaholic is because my work allows me to work on projects I’m passionate about, one after the other. I’m incredibly lucky that it rarely feels like work. And the chocolate part… I just eat chocolate after almost every meal, and definitely every night. I also love my family and dog.

What does an ideal day off look like? 
An ideal day off.. Hmmm, I would wake up and meditate / just take some time to be present and say my thanks and set my intentions. Then, I would hang out with my dog and spend some time in the forest going for a really long walk or hike. I would be back for a late lunch and chill out for a bit, before heading out for a sunset surf with friends.

Biggest role model growing up?
Kevin Garnett. And I don’t know why I’m embarrassed to say that, but I was really really obsessed with the NBA. KG was my favorite player and I definitely idolized him a lot. I also loved Shaun White because I loved to snowboard and I thought he was so cool.

Current mentor?
Oooh, that’s a great question. I’m not sure I have an official mentor currently, but I’ve been so fortunate to have many amazing older people shape my perspective and life. Over the past few years, I realized how large of an impact many aunties and uncles have had in my life, and have actually really been looking for a mentor.

Favorite camera? 
I love my Contax cameras. They are my go-to for spontaneous shots, as they’re very compact and create excellent images. I feel like I’m always on the go, so these are fun to carry around everywhere.

Film or Digital?
I learned how to shoot on a film camera, and I am forever intrigued by the process of film and image-making — so film. Digital is great too. But I have always loved the mechanics of older objects, and I love how tangible the film process is. 

What is a bad habit of yours?
I’m terrible at texting. I know everyone says that, and it’s so annoying to hear.. but it’s true. I will often receive texts while I’m in the middle of doing something, or while I’m with someone, and not be able to respond right away. I’ll mentally clock that I got the message and leave it unread to respond to later… and instead will totally forget to respond.

Favorite camera to bring on a trip? 
I love my Super 8 cameras. I just grew up figuring it out and making movies of my friends and our adventures. The camera just always captures my favorite memories, as it’s kind of the camera I bring with me on run and gun shoots or spontaneous trips.

Guilty pleasure? 
Definitely sugar at all times of the day. I always need to end on something sweet, so will quite literally find some form of a dessert after every meal or snack. 

Something most people don’t know about you? 
I studied pre-med / psychology in college.

Do you collect anything? 
I love collecting art books, magazines, and rocks. 

Life Motto? 
There is no ordinary moment. I heard that quote from a good friend years ago, and it’s remained in my mind since. It reminds me that life itself is a miracle, a mystery, and is extraordinary as it is.

What is something that you can’t do but wish you could?
I wish I could sew really well so that I could make my own clothes.

Photo/project you’re most proud of? 
I think the photo book I made last year — ISLAND TIME. It’s a book filled with photos of Kaua’i. It was just such a fun project to work on. I got to photograph old and new friends, some of my favorite places. And we were able to donate the proceeds to a few local organizations I really love. It’s a big task for me to follow through on some of these large projects, so I felt proud when it was all done. 

Current favorite fit? 
I mean I feel like all my friends know I love a skirt. So I would say something sporty with a skirt. I have also really been liking jorts and boots together lately. 

What celebrity do you want to be BFF’s with?
A$AP Rocky / Rihanna? I feel like they come as a duo, so they really count as one. 

What song do you currently have on repeat? 
Woman by Little Simz

Favorite book?
The Stranger by Albert Camus

Do you prefer vintage or new?
I love vintage! But I also like new things. It depends on what we’re talking about. I wear a lot of vintage clothes, but I buy from sources I know take good care and clean properly. I wouldn’t want a ton of old vintage clothes that haven’t been properly cleaned.. But overall, I guess if you look at my life, there’s a lot of vintage happening. I have a vintage truck, a lot of vintage furniture, wear a lot of vintage clothing, etc. I think a lot of newer objects feel cheaper overall / don’t last as long. I like that vintage objects have a weight to them. You can often feel the mechanics and see the parts working. 

Who is the last person you texted?
My best friend Ashley!

Were you named after someone? 
Yes, my mom named me after one of the Vivians in a movie. I forget if it’s Vivian from Pretty Woman or Vivian Leigh… 

What’s a cause or foundation that is important to you? What does live supernatural mean to you? 
Nature preservation. Living supernatural means living a fulfilled life. I personally think we overcomplicate things a lot as humans. Whenever I find myself wanting more, consuming more, I am exhausted. I always end up returning to simplicity. Living supernatural is living in accordance with one’s purpose and with nature — moving towards what naturally flows and what inspires us. 

Favorite hume product/scent? 
I loveeee After Rain!! It just smells so fresh and it’s unisex and I love it. Coconut coast of course is amazing as well because it reminds me of my childhood and the beach. 

Bucket list? 
I really want to make a beautiful home in the forest one day, still close to beach. Anddd I’d love to go to Japan.

Are you an introvert or extravert?
Extrovert. Being around people energizes me, but I definitely need to take some introspective time to recharge. 

Biggie or Tupac?
Ooohhhh….. used to be Biggie, but now Tupac?! I’ve been watching a lot of his interviews, and he just seemed like a sweet person.

What’s your pet peeve?
Messes. I can’t help making them but I also hate them.

How would you like to be remembered? 
I’d love to be remembered as someone who lived honestly and kindly. And someone who had a lot of fun!