this is zeb uncapped

this is zeb uncapped


Zeb Powell is one of the most influential snowboarders of our time. His style and creativity are reshaping snowboarding. Hailing from a tiny hill in North Carolina, Zeb has remained humble, grounded, constantly giving back to the community, smiling, and true to himself throughout his professional snowboarding journey.

What are you reading these days?

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink, Mikey Leblanc sent it to me. So I figure must mean somethin’ (laughs).

Any current morning routines?

Where are we and what are you getting up to today?
We’re about to go ride Trollhaugen. A lot of homies are intown riding Troll, it’s kind of the place to be for preseason.

Dj set or get a snowboarding clip with, Alex?
Probably get a clip with Alex!

Life Motto?
Life motto is just have fun. No reason to worry about what other people are doing or want you to do. Smile at people, laugh it off. Pretty simple living over here. You’re nice to me, I’m nice to you - stuff like that.

How was the jump session today?
It felt like a pressed the wrong button for a front 3 (laughs).

Like you were playing a video game?
(laughs) yeah, i guess so! It’s like my body was just doing it.

What’s your favorite hume scent?
After Rain or Coconut Coast

What’s a foundation you’re stoked on?
Melanin in Motion. I went and checked their stuff out. Unreal experience they’re killin’ it. Those types of foundations are so cool, getting people into snowboarding that don’t really have a good home life or aren’t in a good situation. Getting them into something that can get them out of trouble or keep them out of trouble or just teach them life skills that they don’t normally get to learn in their normal life.

Shot or clip you’re most proud of?
I think the photos of me riding big pink. I just had a crazy ambition with that board. I was trying back 10’s on it and was dipping twice on it so I was like, yeah I’ll try it. And I remember Dave Reynolds the US Snowboarding team coach was there and asked if you’re going to try that I’ll film it. So I tried it and fell out the second flip to my back from 15 feet up. That whole night was envisioning it. “Man, I need to do that trick.” So the next day I went up and did it and got that whole article. It was a milestone for my career and really kicked up after that. That’s when Selema first noticed me! Stuff really started changing after that.

Current mentors?
Selema Masekela. It’s good to hear from him, his perspective on things. He’s been through a lot and done a lot. Yeah, he’s got a really good perspective on things and he’s always there to help.

Any other ones?
A newer one is Mikey Leblanc. We haven’t got to kick it and chop it up too much but I think what he’s doing is really cool. I really like his perspective on the game and what he brings to it, you know not taking things too seriously. I mean he’s still jumping down stairs at age 50.

Most memorable day snowboarding?
Honestly probably Culture Shifters. We all took a run together, to see it come to life and be around it in person was insane. Everyone had the biggest smiles, you could just feel the energy. 

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
For how crazy my riding is and how much energy I have on the mountain or in front of the camera, when I’m not in front of the camera I'm the opposite. My life is so hectic so when I get the chance to chill, I’m chillin hard. 

Most famous person to slide into your dm’s?
Shaun Whites girlfriend (laughs) I guess that is huh (laughs). Do you think she’s more famous than Travis Scott though? There’s definitely more (laughs).

Cab or switch frontside?
You know, I like to challenge things or not do sh*t the same but i’m still going with cab, honestly. I like cab, I say cab.

Guilty pleasure?
Everyone knows this but my guilty pleasure is playing music on the mountain through a speaker.

Any last words?
Live fresh, live clean, love your friends, love the earth and everything in between.