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supernatural starter pack

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Supernatural Starter Pack

Desert Bloom Starter Trio

crisp citrus, neroli blossom, sweet agave


Supernatural Starter Pack Supernatural Starter Pack Supernatural Starter Pack Supernatural Starter Pack Supernatural Starter Pack Supernatural Starter Pack
desert bloom
desert bloom
desert bloom
desert bloom

want to mix and match scents?

microbiome skincare for your whole body

  • original deo: probiotic-powered formula keeps your pits dry
  • all body deo: plant-based deodorizing for all body parts
  • dry body oil: nourishing oils support your skin barrier

hume protects in four ways

deodorant reinvented backed by science

stop odor

Prebiotic and probiotic formula stops odor before it starts

stay dry

Diatomaceous earth absorbs sweat to keep you dry

support microbiome

Desert botanicals nourish the skin and support the skin barrier


Plant-based, aluminum free and baking soda free formula

join 5,000+ humans feeling confident

join 5,000+ humans feeling confident

I'm odor free! Happy pits, happy me!

I've tried several deodorants over the years, and this is, hands down, my favorite. The product has no odor. And now I have zero odor. Even during a heatwave, my body and clothes do not smell at all! No white residue on me or my clothes, no weird graininess or clumping, which is especially nice when used in the underboob area. Also, I have very sensitive skin, and psoriasis, and this deodorant causes zero issues. It's effective but super gentle. I'm quite impressed with this product and am relieved that my deodorant search is finally over!

- Jenny N.

Best All Body Deo!

After using Hume’s new all body deodorant all I can say is, “wow! This stuff is insane!” I’ve been using it between the dark, dark spaces in my nether regions during mountain bike rides and it’s kept the stanky moist scents and chaffing at bay! There are other all body deodorants I’ve tried but they smell like a Grateful Dead fan tour bus mixed with other odd flavors with a base of wet clay. This Hume stuff has no scent at all! I’m going to go ahead and keep using Hume from now until forever.

- Kelly J.

Recommending to everyone!

This deodorant is everything I needed! I’m a nurse so I’m running around all day going from patient to patient. It helps with chafing AND keeps me fresh. I got the fragrance free option so I can wear it daily and be able to use my different perfumes without any clashing scents! I still love using the deo stick on my underarms, but this is for everywhere else!

- Barbara L.

Top of the line Deo

Hume is a top of the line natural deodorant brand. The All Body Deo is great for sensitive skin as a lot of natural deodorants will make me irritated and this is the only one that does not. The consistency is creamy, but it rubs in very well and does not leave white marks on dark clothes. Highly recommend!

- Bonni G.