Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover

Desert Bloom Bundle Protect and Recover

Daily support for resilient skin. Your skin is face to face with the elements.  Backed by science, Hume’s custom blend of plant-based oils will bring your skin’s lipid layer back to life. Nutrient-rich and microbiome approved, you won’t find any water, fillers or preservatives in here. Transport your skin to its happy place.

Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover

Imagine crisp citrus surrounded by exotic neroli blossom and sweet agave. Gender neutral, for all humans.

When we say Fragrance Free, we mean it.  Not even that unscented scented smell some brands use. Promise.

Complex richness of amber, vanilla and coconut cream with smooth woodsy notes softly linger. Gender neutral, for all humans.



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1Plant-based, 2Probiotic-based, 3Naturally occurring


Protect and Recover

Desert Bloom Bundle
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“With Hume Body Oil I get the same level of moisturizing and hydration without the greasy after feeling. It leaves my skin glowing like I just stepped off a beach in Tahiti, it also makes my tattoos on my arms really pop. It’s incredible how good my tattoos look after using this product!”

— Marc

Dry Body Oil Mist


"I love that Hume oil is a spray bottle so I can hydrate without the mess and it comes with the added benefit of helping balance my skin’s microbiome."

— Kristen

Dry Body Oil Mist


"This oil is pure joy and I LOVE the way it makes my skin feel. I can’t get enough of the amber woods scent! I also love how it doesn’t stain my clothes and I have no worries about sitting on my furniture right after application."

— Julie

Dry Body Oil Mist

Dry Body Oil Mist


why you’ll love hume

cruelty free


plant based mist

no preservatives


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27 Sep 2021
S. Petersen
United States United States
Unbelievably good!

This is the only deodorant I have ever tried that eliminates 100% of B.O. I mean there is no smell whatsoever. Even on day 2, after a work-out, before my shower, there is barely a hint of anything. It is like magic. I feel drier, too, and no white streaks or little white balls under my arms. No irritation to my sensitive skin. My only complaint is that I wish they had some better scents. The Desert Bloom smells like blue liquid laundry detergent, and the Amber Woods smells like sweet soft wood chips (sandalwood, maybe?), which seems more masculine to me. I much prefer Native’s scent offerings- softer, prettier florals, or fresh, powdery, feminine scents, like Cotton & Lily. Unfortunately, they do not have nearly the level of odor elimination as Hume. I hope Hume comes out with some more appealing scents. I will probably go with the unscented version, until then.

24 Sep 2021
Gabrielle T.
United States United States
Fragrance-Free Deodorant Review

At the end of the day, my underarms smell like the top of my arms. End of story. My search is over.

19 Sep 2021
Kate L.
United States United States
Smells great and works!

Best all natural deodorant I’ve tried. And I’ve tried them all. Great scents. Actually work!

12 Sep 2021
Marcela O.
United States United States

I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant and have tried them all! Unfortunately, none have provided me with the protection I need and I felt stinky and embarrassed that others could smell me. I discovered Hume through an influencer on social media and was intrigued to try. Wow, the real test in wearing Hume was to a hike in recent Los Angeles 95 degree weather and let me tell you, I stayed dry and stink free!!! I’ve also been under a lot of stress at work and would always feel sweaty with the other deodorants. With Hume, I’ve felt dry and have not felt sweaty at all. Will definitely be recommending to my family and friends!!

11 Sep 2021
Amy K.
United States United States

I have tried every natural deodorant under the sun. I can’t use any that have baking soda in so that majorly limited my choices. All of them made me smell. Like bad! I was about to give up my search when I saw an ad for Hume. I was hesitant to try it because I figured it was going to have the same end result as the rest, but I am SOOO GLAD I ordered it! I keeps me smelling fresh all day and I don’t sweat either. I’m not sure how because every other natural deodorant I’ve tried my arm pits would be wet, but I’m not asking any questions!! This stuff is great. I will 100% be recommending it to everyone I know and be a life long orderer!! I tried the Amber Woods scent and I love it. It is a bit woodsy/musky and it isn’t overwhelming at all!

09 Sep 2021
Mandie G.
United States United States
Love ❤️

Great smell, works great! Better than other natural deodorants I’ve tried

09 Sep 2021
Kaitlin D.
United States United States

Love this product and the desert bloom scent is amazing ! I have also tried Lume and it had a weird under-scent to it but not Hume. Love !

09 Sep 2021
Michelle J.
United States United States
Does what it says!

Gotta admit I was skeptical about Hume. I’ve tried so many all natural deos and none have ever worked for me. Still smelled and had tons of sweat. Not with Hume!! All I smell is the amazing scent of the deo, nothing more! I got the Amber one and it’s a very lovely unisex scent. Can’t wait to try the other scented one! If you’re on the fence, just try it!!

06 Sep 2021
Kali K.
United States United States
Great Product

I have tried many different natural deodorants and this by FAR is the best. The smell is incredible and I love how when you sweat it doesn’t drip white like other brands. Another thing I love about HUME is doesn’t turn my white shirts yellow in the armpits.

06 Sep 2021
United States United States
I have tried them all

I want to start by saying I have been using natural deodorant for years so I have gone through the detox process. This product has by far been my favorite out of all the ones I’ve tried at Sephora. The dessert bloom smells amazing and after a 45 min peloton class and 30 min yoga class it still smelled amazing and held up. It’s not too wet on the application and doesn’t create blotchy white spots like some others. If you have sensitive underarms and want something that can handle activity then this is a must.

01 Sep 2021
United States United States
Wow!! Love it!!

I have experienced sweating for a very long time now. I had been using drysol and it was the only thing that would help but it contains 20% aluminum. Sometimes it would leave my underarms burning and with irritation. I tried all different kinds of deodorants and none would work for me. One day on facebook the ad about hume popped up and I decided to give it a try it arrived very quickly. I applied it the next morning and it worked wonders I haven't had any kind of sweating. I'm very happy with my purchase.

28 Aug 2021
Shasta M.
United States United States

I have used several brands of all natural deodorants & they have all been disappointing. A good friend told me about Hume & her experience with it. I took her advice & ordered both scents. I LOVE IT. I’m now a loyal Hume customer.