Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover

Fragrance Free Bundle Protect and Recover

Daily support for resilient skin. Your skin is face to face with the elements.  Backed by science, Hume’s custom blend of plant-based oils will bring your skin’s lipid layer back to life. Nutrient-rich and microbiome approved, you won’t find any water, fillers or preservatives in here. Transport your skin to its happy place.

All the best things come in 3s. Our promise: 100% performance, 0% toxins. Packed with plant powered goodness like prickly pear and probiotics, we knock out the odor causing nasties with pure skin food love.

The Scented Trio. Try Hume's three scented deos! Whether it's crisp and exuberant, light and fresh, or rich and woodsy. We've got you covered for morning, noon and night.

The OG trio. Desert Bloom is crisp and exuberant, Fragrance Free will have you smelling like sunshine, while Amber Woods will bring a rich and woodsy presence.

Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover
Protect and Recover

Imagine crisp citrus surrounded by exotic neroli blossom and sweet agave. Gender neutral, for all humans.

When we say Fragrance Free, we mean it.  Not even that unscented scented smell some brands use. Promise.

Complex richness of amber, vanilla and coconut cream with smooth woodsy notes softly linger. Gender neutral, for all humans.



Single $46.64

1Plant-based, 2Probiotic-based, 3Naturally occurring


Protect and Recover

Fragrance Free Bundle
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“With Hume Body Oil I get the same level of moisturizing and hydration without the greasy after feeling. It leaves my skin glowing like I just stepped off a beach in Tahiti, it also makes my tattoos on my arms really pop. It’s incredible how good my tattoos look after using this product!”

— Marc

Dry Body Oil Mist


"I love that Hume oil is a spray bottle so I can hydrate without the mess and it comes with the added benefit of helping balance my skin’s microbiome."

— Kristen

Dry Body Oil Mist


"This oil is pure joy and I LOVE the way it makes my skin feel. I can’t get enough of the amber woods scent! I also love how it doesn’t stain my clothes and I have no worries about sitting on my furniture right after application."

— Julie

Dry Body Oil Mist

Dry Body Oil Mist


why you’ll love hume

cruelty free


plant based mist

no preservatives


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24 Jan 2022
Tara L.
United States United States

I am in love!

I just tried this deodorant for two days and I am already in love with it! I have been getting older and noticing I am stinking more like a strong onion with my bo and I haven't found anything that works for me. I have tried all kinds of deodorants and sprays, even clinical ones and nothing worked. My sister in law told me about this deodorant and I thought I'd give it a try, why not I've tried everything else and I am 100% convinced that this is Thee best deodorant there is out there! Plus, it is cruelty free and free from aluminum and other bad chemicals found in everything nowadays. I am so grateful I found this product when I did. Thank you for your amazing work. I am hooked!

14 Jan 2022
Amelia B.
United States United States


Love this- got it because of Nora Vasconcellos and this deodorant indeed keeps me smelling fresh throughout the session.

14 Jan 2022
Erica C.
United States United States

Lovely natural deodorant

The smell is amazing, it doesn’t irritate my underarm even after shaving, and lasts all day. Obviously, if I sweat a ton I need to wipe clean and reapply but it isn’t an antiperspirant after all. Will buy again. I have tried many many brands and I am hoping I found the answer.

14 Jan 2022
Erin M.
United States United States

So impressed

I am beyond impressed with this deodorant. I’ve tried many clean deodorants before and they’ve left me stinky or sweaty by the end of the day. Not Hume, I’m still smelling fresh and no wet arm pits throughout the day! I’m recommending to everyone I know!

13 Jan 2022
Ndidi N.
United States United States

Loving this

So far so good. I'm in shock because I've been in search of a natural deodorant than doesnt make me stink a hour later!!!!

02 Jan 2022
Nicole K.
United States United States

Great deodorant

Love the smell!

31 Dec 2021
Natalie E.
United States United States

Great so far

Excellent deodorant so far! No irritation and keeps me smelling good all day!

31 Dec 2021


I've been using natural deodorant for a while now, switching to Hume last year. Hume works amazing. I decided to try the Amber Woods scent and I have to say that it is the best smelling deodorant I have ever used in my ENTIRE life!!!

30 Dec 2021
United States United States

Searched for this for 16 Years!

I’ve been using natural deodorants for 16 years and this is hands down the best yet. I’ve tried literally over 20 brands (at least) since 2004 and Hume is superior to all others. Long lasting and very effective. Highly recommended if you fancy a deodorant that keeps you smelling great and feeling fresh all day but more importantly makes you feel good about what you’re putting on your body. Thank you Team Hume!

22 Dec 2021
United States United States

Does it Work? Yes, Yes, Yes!

The deodorant keeps you dry and smelling fresh while the mist keeps your skin soft and lush. If you're question is of it actually works the answer is hands down a yes it works. I only currently have one con. I'm female and want to smell feminine. The Amber Woods scent smells so good, but in my opinion more of a male scent. No kidding as my boyfriend was like what are wearing it smells like something I should be wearing. He had now confiscated the deodorant and mist and it smells so good on him. For now I'll have to order the unscented, but I hope in the future there are more feminine smelling products, such as: lavender, honey, peony, a non woodsy coconut, or a beachy vibe. Overall, my boyfriend and I are absolutely in love with this brand and products.

20 Dec 2021
Lisa G.
United States United States

Stress-sweat buster

Let's be real, not all sweat is the same and stress sweat is the worst because not all deos prevent it. I have been looking for a natural deodorant that can bust the stink of stress sweat, and I think I found it! I put it to the test for the first time last week - after just a day or two using it - during an interview. Interviews, even good ones, make me sweat and it's often the kind that other deodorants just don't touch. This was a good interview, though I was still nervous and still sweat, but I did not stink! Thanks Hume, you have a new customer!

17 Dec 2021
Kai K.
United States United States

First time purchase

I love Hume , the desert bloom smells amazing and works great. I’m happy I found your products!