the next level in reinventing deodorant

the next level in reinventing deodorant


Today Hume Supernatural, furthering its mission to bring effective, science based, and biobased personal care and skin care products to consumers, announced a partnership with Sirenas, a biotech company which conducts ocean research to discover nature-based ingredients.  Sirenas has built one of the world’s largest and most unique collections of marine organisms and plants from diverse ecosystems and geographies, with unique functionalities and applications in health, wellness, personal care and skin care. This is the first such partnership for Hume, which will gain access to the Sirenas repository of ingredients. 

“In creating Hume Supernatural, our vision was to reimagine personal care through nature-based science.  Our inspiration originally came from the unique plant species which can survive and thrive in earth’s harshest ecosystems, so having the opportunity to tap Sirenas ocean research and apply nature’s wisdom in our products is not only exciting, but strategically aligned with our mission,” said Hume Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Horowitz. “This partnership with Sirenas will allow us access to powerful ingredients that will fuel our continued innovation in the deodorant category and more broadly in skin care.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Hume – a growing, science-driven brand – to expand the application of our marine-based chemistry and identify new functional extracts to support the creation of next generation personal care and skin care products,” said Eduardo Esquenazi, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Sirenas.  “This collaboration allows us to enter the cosmetic and cosmeceutical market, which represents an enormous untapped wealth of opportunity for Sirenas.  We’re excited to bring forth our unique insights and ingredients to pioneer novel best-in-class, sustainable products with Hume.”  


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