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Daily support for resilient skin. Your skin is face to face with the elements.  Backed by science, Hume’s custom blend of plant-based oils will bring your skin’s lipid layer back to life. Nutrient-rich and microbiome approved, you won’t find any water, fillers or preservatives in here. Transport your skin to its happy place.

All the best things come in 3s. Our promise: 100% performance, 0% toxins. Packed with plant powered goodness like prickly pear and probiotics, we knock out the odor causing nasties with pure skin food love.

The Scented Trio. Try Hume's three scented deos! Whether it's crisp and exuberant, light and fresh, or rich and woodsy. We've got you covered for morning, noon and night.

The OG trio. Desert Bloom is crisp and exuberant, Fragrance Free will have you smelling like sunshine, while Amber Woods will bring a rich and woodsy presence.

Family Pack
Family Pack
Family Pack
Family Pack
Family Pack
Family Pack
Family Pack
Euphoric notes of pressed watermelon in a field of star lily, effortlessly grounded by creamy vanilla and rich sandalwood and santal.

Imagine crisp citrus surrounded by exotic neroli blossom and sweet agave. Gender neutral, for all humans.

Feel refreshed, alive and ready to take on the day with this cool, bright scent of fresh rain with a ray of citrus.

Complex richness of amber, vanilla and coconut cream with smooth woodsy notes softly linger. Gender neutral, for all humans.

A seductive new scent bringing the smokiness of softened tobacco leaves, elegant leather, and the warmth of cedarwood.

When we say Fragrance Free, we mean it.  Not even that unscented scented smell some brands use. Promise.

Complex richness of amber, vanilla and coconut cream with smooth woodsy notes softly linger. Gender neutral, for all humans.



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1Plant-based, 2Probiotic-based, 3Naturally occurring


Family Pack

Mixed Family Pack
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This is literally the best deodorant IN THE WORLD. I’m a stinky human. But this stuff tackles my stink like a boss. And the scent is DEVINE! I’ve told everyone I know about this deodorant. I even convinced my firefighter hubby to use it. He loves it too!

— Hannah P




I have tried 5+ natural deodorants in the past 2 years and absolutely nothing works as well as Hume. The smell is amazing and it truly stays on all day. I spent the morning at the zoo in 90+ degree heat and I still smells fresh at dinner time - seriously. I wish I found this product a long time ago.

— Megan C




I have tried dozens of natural, organic, etc. deodorants and I am super picky..but this is absolutely amazing! I love the scent. It is long lasting - like an entire day no problem! I’ve even tested it with hardcore workouts after a long day and it is still fab!! Highly recommend.

— Marissa A.




why you’ll love hume

cruelty free


plant based mist

no preservatives


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21 Nov 2022
United States United States

Wild Coral Deodorant

I have tried almost every brand out there and so far Hume has knocked the rest out of the park. After 3-4 days of adjustment I do not struggle with odor at all and am very happy with the product overall! It goes on smooth and clear, hasn't stained any of my clothes, feels good on my skin and the flare ups I was having of dry/irritated skin with other brands have gone away. Highly recommend giving it a chance and I love the wild coral scent!

19 Nov 2022
United States United States

Best Natural & Safe Deodorant Ever!

HUME gets it! Tried this deodorant and was hopeful it worked..It is so good! Smells fabulous, keeps me dry and fresh! Highly recommend you give HUME a try if you want to avoid toxins under your arms!

19 Nov 2022
Annmarie M.
United States United States

Silky arms

So far it’s been good. Let me have another three months with the product and I will review again.

18 Nov 2022
Karen J.
United States United States

Love Hume

This is the best deodorant I have ever used. I have tried many natural deodorants and they either irritate my skin or I smell after only a few hours. I chose the unscented and it truly works. Not sticky and it keeps me smelly fresh all day.

17 Nov 2022
Rijon E.
United States United States

Smells AMAZING!!!

My whole family uses their own personal Hume and we all love this smell!!! I used Hume first and then i introduced it to my husband! Our 26 year old came back from living and working in Japan for 3 years and I introduced it to them! It is perfect for a Non-binary person, as they are! 5 stars ⭐️ from our family!!!

14 Nov 2022
Larei C.
United States United States


This is the best natural deodorant I've tried! It actually works on odor AND moisture, keeping me dry all day, unlike the other popular natural deodorant u see advertised. Love love love HUME and highly recommend it!

13 Nov 2022
United States United States

Great product!

This is a great deodorant . They all smell fantastic and keep odors away and no staining! We have used lots of “natural” deodorants and this one has been the best thus far. Customer service is also quick and very friendly to deal with. Highly recommend anyone to try that is looking for an effective natural alternative .

09 Nov 2022
Melissa M.
United States United States


Love this product! Can say enough about it. It’s a must have, me and my boyfriend use it. Never going back!

24 Oct 2022
Rachel H.
United States United States

All day with no smell

I go all day without having to reapply anything and it doesn't make me itchy. It smells good too. Prefect!

23 Oct 2022
United States United States


Wow, this stuff really works! I sweat a lot and have found that most deodorants don’t work well enough for me. Simply said, Hume is awesome.

23 Oct 2022
Kimberly R.
United States United States

Best deodorant I've ever tried!

First and foremost, I LOVE the applicator. The product actually fits comfortably on my skin and I feel like it's better coverage than the average shape of other deodorants. But the best part is the actual results of the product. I feel cleaner all throughout the day without having to reapply. Not to mention it smells aaaaamazing.

19 Oct 2022
United States United States


I am very happy with the presentation of the package, the actual deodorant and the smell! I've tried a few different deodorants and this one smells the best for sure. AND it works well. I'm so happy I finally tried Hume :)